Cypress School Needs Assessment Parent Survey
Please select your child's grade level
1. I am greeted warmly and feel welcome when I visit Cypress.
2. I am provided information about volunteer opportunities.
3. I am regularly on campus with my child.
4. Do you know how to contact the school?
5. I feel students are safe at Cypress School.
6. Are you aware that we offer an after school program call the Cougar's Den?
7. Do you feel there is good discipline policy in place?
8. The school makes sure that every visitor checks in at the front desk before they go on school property.
9. Are you aware that your child practices Safety Drills?
10. Materials are provided to parents in a way they understand.
11. The school communicates frequently with parents. (Cypress Flyer, classroom newsletter, etc)
12. Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in school activities.
13. My child is making good progress in behavioral skills?
14. My child is making good progress in communication skills
15. The school does what they can to help parents come up with what money they need for field trips so that every child may participate.
16. My child is making good progress in math.
17. My child is making good progress in reading.
18. My child is making good progress in writing.
19. My child's social skills are improving.
20. If you answered "no" to questions 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 or 19 did/does the school offer extra assistance for your child
21. The report card clearly explains progress in reading.
22. I know the grade level expectations (standards) for my child.
23. I attended my child's Parent/Teacher Conference (meeting, phone call, email, progress report)
24. My child's teacher reviewed my child's year/trimester goals.
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