Respect is Part of Research Facilitator Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a facilitator for Respect is Part of Research. You are taking a step towards a safer and more welcoming academic environment. Before you apply, we'd like to tell you about the roles and responsibilities you'll be taking on if you become a facilitator.

The most visible role you will have is, aptly, peer facilitator during the RPR workshop in the fall. You will be responsible for leading and moderating a discussion about sexual harassment, sexual assault and the department climate among incoming Physics and Astronomy graduate students.

A second important role you will have is as an ongoing resource in the department. RPR facilitators are available for consultation about reporting options, specific situations encountered in the department, and other topics covered at the RPR workshop. Your name will be on the RPR website, and may appear on the list of department resources for people who have questions about department climate, equity and inclusion, and sexual harassment.

To apply, please fill out the application questions on this page, and the scheduling questions on the next page. If you have any questions, please email Robert McGehee at

Name *
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Home Department *
Year in grad school *
Reason for joining *
Why do you want to be an RPR facilitator? Why do you think you would be effective in this role?
Situational awareness *
Please tell us about a time you were offended. How did you react? Did you inform the offender? If so, how was the situation resolved? If not, why not?
Personal history *
Have you ever been found responsible, or are currently under investigation, for a violation of university, state or federal policy, or of an academic department’s code of conduct or similar policy? This includes but is not limited to findings by the Title IX office or any academic department at UC Berkeley or any other institution, and the outcome of civil or criminal court cases.
Personal history explanation
If yes to above: Please explain how your approach to RPR will reflect changes from the behavior you were/are being investigated for. If you are prohibited from answering truthfully because of a confidentiality restriction, we are unable to accept your application.
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