VLDB Training/Workshop Registration & Pre-Evaluation Form
Congratulations for being selected to attend the free short-course, workshop, and roundtables in the areas of big data, design thinking & collaborative problem-solving, and women in technology scheduled to take place at University of Ibadan from July 10-14 2017. This form confirms your acceptance to participate in the training/workshop. As part of the quality assurance process of this workshop, we have designed additional optional questions to determine what you already know about the training/workshop themes as well as your expectations from this workshop and how we can improve the impact of similar trainings/workshops in the future. We will also ask you to complete another form at the end of the training/workshop so that we can assess how training has helped you improve your knowledge about big data/design thinking. Kindly try to be as objective as possible in filling the form, we will ignore any personal data collected in evaluating your response to this questionnaire. For sponsored students, you will be required to upload your signed endorsement form at the end of filling this form. Make sure that you label the endorsement file with the last 3 digits of your reference number.
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I agree to attend the training/workshop as scheduled, not to cancel, unless I inform the organizers as stated in my letter of invitation. I agree that only itemized receipts may be submitted for reimbursement of my transportation fare unless by prior approval of the coordinator to get reimbursed without the receipts. I also agree that I will not receive a certificate of participation unless I have at least 75% attendance in the aspect of the training/workshop for which I am selected. I grant to the organizers and representatives, the right to take the photographs and recordings of me and my property in connection with this training/workshop. I authorize that such photographs, recordings and my data in connection with this training/workshop may be published in print and/or electronically with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, publications and Web content.
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