Seward Ride-Around Pledge Form
To raise money for the Seward Bike Program, we are having a "Ride Around" for the month of May. It will be like the Seward Read Arounds, but with bikes and miles. We are asking for families to make a per mile pledge for the number of miles their child (or children) rides in the month of May. For example, if you live 1.5 miles (3 miles round trip) from school, and you pledge 50 cents per mile and your child rides 15 times in the month of May, you would be pledging a total of 50 cents x 45 miles = $22.50. Mileage is calculated by the child's Zap tag. If you need a Zap tag you can get one from Linda in the office or at the Bike Shop.

The Top fundraisers will receive a Seward Bike Sharks T-shirt and the top three will receive a pannier bike bag. Kids must have a Zap tag to calculate mileage. If you have any questions, contact Thank you for supporting the Seward Bike Program!
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