Safety Stars - Online "Safety Comment Box"
Here is your chance to focus on the positive regarding safety in the Chemistry Department!

When you see people following safety rules and regulations, making safety a priority, noticing and reporting safety concerns to the Safety Committee, etc., use this online "Comment Box" to let the department know.

If you notice a safety or compliance concern in the Department and you'd like the Safety Committee to know about it, you can use this form to report your concerns.

Once each semester, Rachel Dunn will randomly select a comment, and both the person who submitted the comment and the person commented about will win a prize!

Commitment to safety is a priority in the Chemistry Department. Who have you seen demonstrating their commitment to safety and compliance? Please provide as many details about the "Safety Star" as you can share:
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Have you noticed a safety or compliance issue in the Chemistry Department that you'd like the Safety Committee to know about? Please provide as many details as you can:
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