Audubon Florida Birdathon
We are in the middle of migration season! Let's work together to spot as many species as possible from our windows and backyards.

Starting April 22, the Audubon Florida Birdathon will begin! The rules are simple:

1) Record the birds you see from your window or your backyard. Social distancing and self isolation remain critically important, so ONLY birds counted from your Florida window or backyard will count.
2) At the end of each day, record your observations in this Google form. Observations can be submitted from April 22 – through midnight on April 29.
3) Repeat. Each day you submit observations will enter you into a new chance to win fun prizes! As long as you submit data, you can earn up to one entry each day.
4) Are you under 12? Submit your observations with the help of a parent and you are entered to win species prizes in our youth category!
5) All rules of ethical birding apply.
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