Sound Kit Proficiency Test
Please view the following videos and then complete the multiple choice questions below, based on the information provided in the videos.

Please note: only Members of the Blue Mountains Public Library and Wasaga Beach Public Library have access to this equipment at this time.

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How To: Portable Sound Kit
What is the name of the sound recorder in the kit? *
What are the two units of the Rode Wireless GO System? *
Where does the Rode Wireless GO mic system plug into on the digital sound recorder? *
How do you turn on the sound recorder? *
What cable is used to plug the condenser microphone into the sound recorder? *
How do you adjust the microphone recording level on the sound recorder? *
What is required to record audio from the condenser microphone? *
How many times do you need to press the Record button on the sound recorder to actually record audio? *
We recommend viewing the following videos to help you prepare for Digital Sound Recording projects using the Sound Recording Kit.
Audio Podcast Production Techniques with the Sound Recording Kit
Portable Music Recording: Intro to Portrable Studio Recording Techniques
How to Install ProTools Sound Software
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