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For centuries, weirs have been built across rivers to use water energy, such as mill weirs, or create fishponds. Thus the small rivers are marked by the development of numerous structures which split them and create a break in ecological continuity.

The fragmentation of natural environments affects all ecosystem balances. The obstacles present on rivers induce disturbances varying according to their height, their location and the cumulative effect of their succession.

The restoration of ecological continuity on watercourses is now a major issue in the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) and its declensions in french laws. However, these new regulations are difficult to implement. The historical, landscape and cultural heritage of the weirs are the main reasons for this. Moreover, the evolution of technologies and the development of renewable energies stand up for reflection on small hydroelectricity. To this day, the restoration of ecological continuity is at the heart of the debate and raises a lot of concerns from the riverside owners, elected officials and other users of our rivers.

In order to respond to this issue, the regional natural Parks of the Morvan and the Ballons des Vosges have joined together to the Life program "Ecological continuity, watershed management, and associated heritage fauna". With their partners, they now wish to share their experiences through an international symposium on 31 May and 1 and 2 June 2017, at the palais des congrès, in Beaune (FRANCE, 21).

Symposium's programm
The first day focuses on scientific presentations (French and international *) related to the impacts of the break in ecological continuity on the aquatic ecosystem (Theme 1). Then the afternoon will conclude with two workshops (A1 and A2), with the aim of producing lively and constructive debates.

It should be noted that theme 2, which is intended primarily for facilitators and teachers, is organized in parallel with theme 1. However, participants in theme 1 have the opportunity to register for workshops in theme 2 (A3 and A4).

A dinner and an evening featuring a traditional music group are planned for the first night.

The second day focuses on technical presentations and examples (French and international *) explaining the obstacles and levers that constrain the level of ambition to restore ecological continuity (Theme 3). The restitution of the workshops will follow in the early afternoon. The day will continue with an enlargement towards the tools that can be mobilized to implement the policies of restoration of ecological continuity (Theme 4). A round table and a conclusion will punctuate the end of the symposium.

The third day will be devoted to the field visits (transport by bus included at the beginning and the return of Beaune) and will be the opportunity to put in perspective the work of restoration of ecological continuity undertaken under the program Life on the lower valley Of the Cousin (Avallon, 89).

* The symposium will be translated simultaneously into French and English

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Package 1 day = 25€
Package 2 days = 50€
Package 3 days = 55€

For those participating only on Wednesday afternoons on the theme "How to explain ecological continuity to a school audience or the general public?", The half-day is free (meal not included).

Free seminar for students (meal and lodging costs not included).

Packages include meals (except on Thursday evening) and bus transportation, for the day field.

Accommodation is at the participants' expense.

Without payment before May 15, your registration will not be taken into account.

Payment by banq cheque in the name of the Public Treasury of Château-chinon to send to: Service Comptabilité, program Life Maison du Parc 58230 Saint-Brisson; By administrative mandate or by transfer with the subject "Life conference" (ask for information:

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Meals on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as on Wednesday evenings, will be taken at the Beaune congress center and made from local and eco-responsible products (drinks included). For Friday lunch, a cocktail will be elaborated from local and eco-responsible products (drinks included). Please note that Thursday evening meals are not included. If you wish, you will find a list of restaurants near the congress center on the website of the Life program "Ecological Continuity".
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