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IKUMUN 2017 Observer Application
This an application form of Istanbul Kultur University Model United Nations Conference (IKUMUN), which will take place between 7th-9th April in Istanbul Kultur University Atakoy Campus
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Conference Aggrement
Conference Agreement
The following describes the general rules, fees, deadlines, and policies of Istanbul Kultur University Model United Nations 2017 (herein: IKUMUN, IKUMUN 2017 or the conference). By registering for Istanbul Kultur University Model United Nations 2017, you agree with the following terms:

1. The dress code for the committee sessions at IKUMUN is Western business attire. This includes a jacket and tie for gentlemen and a smart suit or dress for ladies. Running shoes, jeans etc. are not acceptable during committee sessions.

2. There is no maximum limit to the number of delegates for those hoping to bring a large delegation.

3. All registered as delegates at IKUMUN must be currently enrolled in high school/university or must have recently graduated from high school, but no yet entered into a university program.
a. The Secretariat of Istanbul Kultur University Model United Nations reserves the right to investigate the eligiblity of delegates fort he conference and expel those delegates determined not
to be eligible for participation without refund. Delegations violating this policy or attempting to falisfy the eligibility of delegates for participation in the conference will not be considered
for IKUMUN participation in the following years, including the Secretariat.

4. All delegations are responsible for filling the slot/slots assigned through the country assignment process and all participants must notify IKUMUN Secretariat as soon as possible if delegate/delegates will not be able to fill the spot/spots.
If a delegation sends fewer than it has registered for, IKUMUN reserves the right to reassign the school with a different delegation.

5. All delegates/delegations registered and completed the payment process by the priority deadline of March 20th, 2017 will be guaranteed a delegation at IKUMUN 2017 and will be given preference for country assignments. IKUMUN reserves the right to refuse the applications received after the priority deadline of the conference.

6. All observers have the right to observe the committees they have decided freely but IKUMUN reserves the right to regulate the timing and the capacities of the committees.

7. Advisers are at the same status as the observers(fee and ) and they shall be considered responsible for the safety, well-being and conduct of their group. Faculty Advisers may be teachers, parents and such figures but may not be students currently enrolled in high school or those eligible to participate as delegates in IKUMUN.

8. a. Delegate Fee: 150 TL(45$, 45€) * per delegate
b. Observer Fee: 70 TL (20$,20€)* per observer

9. Registration fee for delegates include the following:
a. Conference materials
b. 2 meals (Saturday and Sunday lunch)
c. Snacks and drinks during coffee breaks
d.Certificate of participation
e.Transportation to and from IKUMUN social events during set times

10. Registration fee for the observers include the following:
a. 2 meals (Saturday and Sunday lunch)
b. Snacks and drinks during coffee breaks
c.Transportation to and from IKUMUN social events during set times
d. Certificate of participation

11. No delegate registrations will be accepted after the 25th of March.

12. Conference fee is to be paid in the guideness of IKUMUN Directors. Please check the “Payment Details” for further information.

13. IKUMUN reserves the right to cancel the applications which have not completed the payment process in the following five days from online registration.

14. The refund policy of Istanbul Kultur University Model United Nations is as follows:
For conference fee:
i. Refunds of delegate and advisor fees requested before the regular fee deadline of March 17th, 2017 will be 75% refunded.
ii.Refunds of delegate and advisor fees requested after the regular fee deadline of March 17th, 2017 will be 50% refunded.
iii.No refunds will be issued after March 25th, 2017.

15. The Secretary General and The Director General are the only staff members who are allowed to grant exceptions or extensions to conference policies and deadlines.

16. IKUMUN is not liable for erroneous statements made by other members of IKUMUN staff regarding conference policies listed, and not listed herein.

17. Violation of the policies listed in these terms and conditions may result in the revocation of assigned seats with no refund and serious violation of these regarding conduct may result in expulsion from the conference with no refund and potential prevention of registration for all future IKUMUN conferences.

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