OrcaCon 2020 Blackfish Scholarship
If you are a marginalized gamer who is interested a Membership to OrcaCon, please fill out this form after reading this information page: http://www.orcacon.org/about/blackfish-scholarship/ . If you have questions that aren't answered in that page, or if you have difficulty accessing this form, please feel free to e-mail info@orcacon.org
Name: *
Please give the name under which you will be registering at the con. If you prefer we address you differently, please give that name as well, as we can edit it on our scheduler for you. Our Scheduler also allows you to "hide" your profile when signing up for events.
Email: *
Your identity as a marginalized gamer, artist, designer *
OrcaCon provides assistance to marginalized folks. Please tell us a bit about your identity as a gamer and as a marginalized person.
Internet presence?
Do you have a publicly-available website, blog, journal, social networking account, etc.?
How did you hear about OrcaCon?
Are you under 18 years of age? *
You're not barred from receiving a membership if you are under 18, we should just talk about logistics and including parents/guardians/family members/sponsors.
If there's anything you need to tell us that's not covered by the prior questions, please let us know here.
By submitting this form, you agree that all of your statements are accurate. *
I have read the OrcaCon Policies (General, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Racism, & Accessibility) and agree to follow the guidelines within. *
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