Rock Enrollment Form-Summer Camps
Student Information *General Information is Requested for Contact Purposes only-We do not give or sell any information to anyone. Student Age is requested to properly group them in bands/classes according to age/interest/experience level.
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*June Camp to be only 1 week - Accelerated with Performance on Saturday Cost 195.00. July and August will be traditional 2 Week Camps.
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(some experience is necessary to attend this camp for guitarist, bassist, drummers or keyboard players - however "just past beginner" is OK)
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Medical and Pickup Authorizations
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Information and Earplug Waiver
Ear Plugs should be worn whenever exposed to Amplified Music. We provide disposal earplugs at a cost of .50 a pair or student may borrow earphone type hearing protection. Many Students Bring their Own. *
Please acknowledge that you are aware prolonged exposure to amplified music causes hearing loss and that your student has been advised to wear hearing protection at all times while in band room.
Additional Information
Lunch will only be provided on final day of Camp just before the performance.
Students should bring a bag lunch. We can keep items cold for them but do not have a microwave at this time.
Drinks and Snacks are available for purchase.
Extra Guitar Strings, Drum Sticks and Guitar Straps are available for purchase in case of emergency.

A trip to one of the two Ampitheaters is going to take place during camp/date will be given to you at start of camp. A seperate permission slip (provided at start of camp) will be needed for this trip.
A Rock Concert style performance will be given on the final day of camp at 1 pm. Our venue holds about 75 people including the students so bring your family and friends if possible. You Will be impressed with what your student has learned in just 10 days! (*June camp performance to be Saturday at 1 instead of Friday and of course they will have 5 full days to learn - surprisingly still will have a full concert for Saturday)
I hereby electronically sign this and understand I will be required to sign a hard copy on or before the first day of camp.
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I hereby electronically sign this and understand I will be required to sign a hard copy on or before the first day of camp.
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