2021-22 BVNW Publications Application
Thank you for considering joining BVNW Publications as a member of the newspaper or yearbook staff. You and your parents must sign that you have read and understood the policies for which you will be held accountable, if you are selected for a staff position. That form is in a link in the last question of the application. If you have any trouble, please come see me. You must submit this application by midnight Feb. 28, 2021 to be considered. Be sure to tell your counselor you are applying to be on either the newspaper or yearbook staff. Fill out the application completely and submit by Feb. 28. You must also drop off the examples of your work in room 902 along with the signed policy manual receipt for your application to be complete. I will not post the first round of accepted candidates until after Spring Break and then the final staff list will be posted near the end of May. If you are currently in Journalism or Photo or Digital Imaging, you need to fill out the application by the deadline, but you can submit your work in mid April. If you have any questions, please see Mr. McCrossen in room 902. I look forward to reviewing your application.
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Tell me what your strengths are
What do you like about the publications at BVNW? *
What could the publications at BVNW do better? *
Don't be afraid of this. There are things that can be done better. I want to know what you think.
In what position on staff are you most interested? *
You may choose more than one, but if this will be your first year on staff, you will be either a writer or a photographer. Once you have proven yourself, you may get moved into a different area.
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What extra curricular activities are you planning to be involved in next year? *
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Your current ELA teacher and/or your current art teacher are good starts
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You must submit to Mr. McCrossen in room 902 two pieces of writing that best illustrate your writing abilities (these can be from Journalism or from your ELA, social studies classes, etc.) in order to be considered for a writer position. If you would like to be a photographer, artist or graphic artist, please submit to Mr. McCrossen in room 902 two pieces of your artwork that best illustrate your abilities to be a photographer, artist or graphic designer. Please check the button below showing you have read this, understood this and will turn in your work before the application due date. *
I understand that part of the application process is to read the Blue Valley Schools Publications Policy Guidelines, having my parents and me review the information including job descriptions and return the page in the manual marked 'Adviser Copy' on page 7 signed by my parents and me to Mr. McCrossen in room 902 along with my work. Here is the link to the Policy Manual: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cs-UTL9KEBkOALFm-oXqVD7Ah7AsRpiv95Ry50LvIGg/edit?usp=sharing *
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