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I am currently in early stages of developing a performance piece based on the theory of Queer Time or Queer Temporality.
Basically it is about understanding how Queer people experience time in our own unique ways.

I am putting this survey out there in the hopes of hearing from a diverse sample of people.

While it would be possible for me to make this piece all by myself, it would really only be the experience of one singular Queer person.

I'm a big believer in the idea that our community does it's best work when we come together, which is why I think as much input as possible will bolster the potential of whatever I create.
This survey is also reaching out to our cis and heterosexual allies because I hope to compare all the data sets and find crossover where it exists.

All of this data is entirely anonymous, I will not be able to track individual responses, I am just looking to see what general trends I can find. All questions are optional so if you would prefer to leave something blank then please feel no pressure to answer it.

I am aware that I may have written some questions clumsily, if that is the case then please make a note of it because I've left a space at the end for any suggestions.

Please share this on whatever social media you use, it would mean so much to me.
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