2020 BulaFIT Holiday Challenge Check In
Complete this weekly "Check In" form to inform Owen and Kristy on your successes and failures this week. Doing so will help them know how best to support you in your fat loss and fitness journey. It also allows us to calculate and award your Challenge Points! (Challenge points provide recognition and progress towards Challenge prize tiers)

Please note that some questions refer to the total amount of weight lost during the 2020 BulaFIT Holiday Challenge period (Sep 28, 2020 to Dec 6, 2020). Other questions will ask about total weight you have lost using the BulaFIT system (which may be longer than the current Challenge). Challenge Points for weight loss are awarded for current Challenge period after the challenge is over.

Check Ins must be completed by Wednesday of the following week for full points. Check Ins submitted after this time are awarded 60% of points for that week.

Example: Check In for week of Sep 28 - Oct 4 are due Wed, Oct 7 for full points, or 60% of points there after,

NOTE: This form is used to track both Fat Loss and Fitness Participants.
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BE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT WEEK! If you fail to select the correct week, you will need to re-submit and may receive late points for the week!
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