Mentee Interest Form 2018-2019
Please complete this form to express your interest in the Job Candidate Mentoring Program for Women in Philosophy.  Please fill out this form only if you are going on the market in autumn 2018 and are prepared to fully participate in the mentoring program. Currently there are no geographic constraints on participation. We are not sure whether we will be able to accommodate in the program everyone who submits this form, but we will try!  Email if you have questions.  
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What is your full name? *
From what university will you or have you received your Ph.D.? *
(Some people may be in predoctoral or other positions.)
What is your current university? *
In case you are no longer enrolled at your Ph.D. institution, we want to know your institutional affiliation (e.g. postdoc).
What are your main areas of specialization? *
Try not to list more than three, and try to make them standard (what job ads would be likely to list).
What kind of jobs do you expect to apply for? *
We understand you may not know yet, but please include any category you think there is a decent chance you'll apply in.
If you are applying to jobs outside the US, what regions do you intend to focus on? *
We understand you may not know yet, but please include any category you think there is a decent chance you'll apply in.
What is the deadline for you to submit your whole dossier to your department/committee? *
We would like to time our activities to correspond to when you would otherwise have your dossier ready.
What is your first job deadline this year? *
What is your primary email address? *
(The address at which you prefer we contact you)
At what universities have you studied philosophy in the past? *
(Please list your undergrad and MA institutions so that we can match you with a mentor you're unlikely to know already.)
What is your Skype ID?
We will either use Skype or Google Hangouts for videoconferencing.
What are the odds you will attend the Eastern APA?
We may host a mentoring event for all candidates and mentors.  
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How interested are you in having peers to talk to? *
An optional element of the program involves organizing candidates into groups of four (with non-overlapping subfields). In the past the groups have videoconferenced once or twice during the autumn to share tips and support each other.
How willing are you to have a mentor who is also on the job market? *
Many women go back out on the market selectively after landing their first post, and some are asked to apply for particular job openings because of a two-body problem. Ideally we would match you with someone who is not on the market, but in case we do not have enough mentors, how comfortable are you with this prospect?
Does it matter to you to have a mentor who is in your subfield? *
Sometimes candidates already have good access to advice particular to their subfield (e.g. physics, ancient, etc), and so they are looking for a mentor outside their subfield. Other candidates lack access to this and are looking for it through this program. Please let us know if you have a strong preference one way or the other. (Bear in mind that we cannot promise that the matching process will be able to reflect this preference -- the more flexible you are, the more likely you are to get a mentor).  
What is your time zone? *
Are there any special interests or circumstances that would help us match you with a mentor?
(E.g. member of an under-represented group, two-body problem, subfield issues, etc.)
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