Saskatchewan Healthcare Students Supporting Our Health Care Providers During COVID-19
Firstly, thank you! It is times like this where stepping up matters the most and by volunteering your time you are making it possible for physicians with families to be there for their patients as the province responds to this pandemic. A few reminders moving forward:

1. Families will be matched with a student who is willing to help and we will keep matching 1:1 for as long as we have available students. It is up to that student for how long/ often they are able to help.
**Students may not be able to address every need but are here to try and pitch in where they can**

2. Please keep in mind that classes will start back up remotely soon, and having students who are doing well academically is the most important way for us to help the people of Saskatchewan. Classes and assessment of student performance may change, and this may require increased student self-directed learning.
3. Please indicate on the google form if you are comfortable providing childcare or if you would be more comfortable helping with small errands. Only agree to do the things that you are comfortable doing. This is all, of course, COMPLETELY voluntary.
4. If you EVER feel uncomfortable or are asked to do something that you feel is wrong, please reach out to the people organizing this initiative and we will support you.
5. The expectation is that we are volunteering our time as it is needed, however, should you find yourself running errands it is expected that HCPs will reimburse you for fuel and purchases made.
6. Given the nature of the student-HCP relationship and the fact that external circumstances may prevent some students from volunteering their time, it is expected that these interactions have no influence on the learning or evaluation of students involved.
7. Wash your hands and follow the social distancing protocols recommended by the university, including avoiding hand-shaking/hugs, minimizing in-person meetings, avoiding crowded places, and maintaining a distance of 2m between yourself and others when possible, and contact 811 if you are experiencing symptoms.
8. Only offer your time if you are feeling well.
9. Practice good hand hygiene.

Should circumstances change and you are no longer able to help out or need to step back from a commitment, we understand. These are unpredictable times. If you are uncomfortable communicating this with your doctor please feel free to reach out to any one of us and we will gladly help you.

Jessica Froehlich, Sehjal Bhargava, Alexa McEwen
Medical students, Class of 2022
University of Saskatchewan

Colten Molnar and Sarah White
Medical students, Class of 2023
University of Saskatchewan
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