A Custom Fit Life - Before Session 1 (Values and Commitments)
As a busy person who has trouble making room for themselves, it makes sense that you feel stuck.

You know that something’s gotta give, but you can’t think of what that could be. It’s important to acknowledge that feeling - that everything you do is important and you can’t possibly stop! You’re right that everything feels important. But we’re going to need to do a little work together to get to the bottom of what is actually important to you.

In order to do that, we’re going to start by looking at your values. What gives you purpose in life? We’ll delve into that first. Then we will consider your commitments and think about how they align or don’t align with your values.

This questionnaire will take about 20-30 minutes to fill out, so make sure to set aside a chunk of time to get it done!

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What are your top 3 goals for our time together? What do you want to walk away with?
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