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Each year, Charm City Fringe hosts our After Dark series to accompany the theatre and performing arts of the Fringe Festival. This November 1st to 11th, we are seeking to populate each night of the Fringe with special events, installations, and experiences for the 2,000-plus attendees coming from across Baltimore to the Bromo Arts District.

Hosted at the newly renovated Mondo Baltimore at 406 N Howard Street, we are looking to showcase the best indie art that Baltimore has to offer. In years' past, we've hosted standup, broadway singalongs, music, dance parties, light installations, art galleries, popup shops, and more.

Mondo comes with a sound system (PA, monitors, mics, stands, XLR cables), stage lights, stage, and chairs. Fringe manages all box office and front of house operations and maintains a venue manager on hand to assist you in your use of the space.

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