One Day Divorce Program

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    One Day Divorce

    The One Day Divorce Program assists parties with divorce cases before San Diego Superior Court to finish the case and get a final judgment. It is designed for parties with little to no matters in dispute and a desire to quickly get a divorce judgment. You MUST have already filed your divorce in court and received a case number to be considered for this program. The program is currently available to parties who have filed their case in the Central/Downtown district. Parties who successfully complete the process will go before a judge the same day and will leave court with a final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. In order to see if you qualify for this program, please answers the questions below. You must be accurate and honest in answering these questions. If you provide inaccurate answers and are improperly admitted into the one day divorce program only to be disqualified, your case will be significantly delayed. To learn more about how to file a divorce, go to: