WPNA Demographic Survey
A way for residents to help us understand the makeup of our community and the priorities of our neighborhood.
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Is your address visible from the street?
Is your address visible illuminated at night?
Is it easy to walk to your mailbox?
Owner or Tenant
Household consists of: (Ex. Mother 53; Son, 20)
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Are you a WPNA Member?
Property Owner contact info if Tenant
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How many years have you lived in West Plaza?
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Have you heard about the West Plaza Neighborhood Association?
Have you heard about the Membership Happy Hour events?
Are you interested in attending an annual or twice/year block party?
What 3 things do you like most about living here?
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What 3 things are challenging about living here?
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How neighborhood specific do you think West Plaza should be beyond Kansas City, MO current requirements in addressing changes in our neighborhoods housing stock? Some owners are renovating and others are starting from scratch to meet their growing needs
Rate the level of importance to you on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being very important) for each of the following concerns/issues:
Importance (1-5)
Crime and Safety
Property Conditions and Maintenance
Traffic Volume (amount of traffic)
Streets and Roads
Architecture - design and character of homes
Pets and pet management
Rental Property Issues
Is there something important to you that was not listed in the above question? If so, what was it? If not, then skip this question.
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Would you be willing to volunteer in any of these areas?
Property/Business Owners: How many years have you owned property/been doing business in West Plaza?
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Property/Business Owners: Do you live here too?
Property/Business Owners: If no to above question, did you live here at one time?
Property/Business Owners: What was your reason for investing in West Plaza?
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Property/Business Owners: What is challenging about investing in West Plaza?
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