Weaving Water Interest Feedback
Thank you for your interest in the Weaving Water Community! We would love to hear more from you, even if you don't expect to live in Weaving Water. Currently, we have the greatest opportunity to shape our community and development. We are eager to hear what about our community resonates with you or limits your potential involvement. We hope to use your feedback to influence our planning and design decisions. You are welcome to visit our website before or after taking the survey to learn more: www.weavingwaternc.org. While at the website, you can sign up for our newsletter and link to our Facebook page. Enter your contact information below to enter the drawing to win a free family photo portrait session in Durham, NC with Allie Mullin Photography. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!
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In what city and state do you currently reside? *
How long have you known about cohousing communities? Communities in the Durham area include Solterra, Eno Commons, Arcadia, Pacifica, Durham Central Park Coho, and Elderberry. *
How many people are in or do you expect to be in your household? If in the coming few years, you expect to live with a partner, roommate, child(ren,) caregiver, etc... include them in your household. *
What do you desire more of in your life? *
Time with family
Social Time
Time to explore your passions
Peace of mind
Outdoor time
Alone time
1st choice
2nd choice
3rd choice
If you answered "other" to the above question, please elaborate
What Weaving Water features appeal to you? *
Rural-feeling site adjacent to Eno River State Park and less than seven miles from downtown Durham
Being part of an inclusive collaborative neighborhood
Intelligently-designed homes filled with natural light, a passive solar design, and stunning views
Incorporation of energy-efficient home design and green mechanical systems to reduce energy consumption
A place where children can explore with their peers
A common house designed for community meals, movement/music activities, entertaining large groups, and guest accommodations
Most appealing feature
2nd most appealing feature
3rd most appealing feature
4th most appealing feature
If you answered "other" to the above question, please elaborate
What concerns do you have about Weaving Water? *
May not be living in Durham in 2021
The distance from my job
Lack of walkability to work/stores
Home prices may be out of my budget
Despite the features, Weaving Water homes seem over-valued
The time required for the community to make group decisions
How to handle conflict in community
Too busy to be part of the development phase
Do not have 6% of the home cost in equity to participate in the development phase
My chid(ren) would have to change schools
Most significant
2nd most significant
3rd most significant
If you answered "other" to the above question, please elaborate
What is your home price budget? We understand most households are constrained by budget and not necessarily the value of the home. *
What do you think is the value of a 1200sf home in Weaving Water? Consider that the new home would be designed by an architect to incorporate ample natural light and views. The homes would include energy-efficient elements and mechanical systems that cost more upfront but save money in utility costs with a net positive return on investment. WW will also include a 2600sf common house (shared with 23 other households) for entertaining, movement/music activities, large kitchen and dining room, and guest accommodations. The property is seven miles from downtown, on 12 gorgeous acres adjacent to Eno River State Park; there is ample space for both gardening, playing, and forest exploration. *
Reflections (optional)
Have you attended a Weaving Water outreach session, potluck, or phone inquiry? *
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