Shmini Atzeret & Simchat Torah with the Beis Community
All are welcome to join our community as we celebrate this year's completion of the Torah reading cycle!

Highlights include:
- A catered community dinner with singing and friends
- Our annual Shul Hop, where we'll visit other Washington Heights communities and celebrate the Torah with them!
- Parallel Torah readings by men and women, where everyone can be called up to the Torah
- A relaxing picnic lunch at Fort Tryon Park

They'll mostly be at the Beis Space - 587 Ft Washington, NYC. And they'll all include good people, good vibes, and good times. Let us know ( if you can come/are interested in any of it, or if you have other ideas!

With love,
The Beis Team
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Sunday morning (Hoshana Raba) Shacharit and Musical Hallel *
Join us for a special morning of joyous prayers as we celebrate the end of Sukkot with music, dancing (and willow leave bashing?). 8:30-10:30am, followed by brunch in the Sukkah. All are welcome, including musical instruments.
Last days of Sukkot and Simchat Torah (October 20-22)
A festival of joy celebrating the Torah, and coming together to dance, eat, and learn Torah
Sunday night dinner and post-dinner festivities! *
Say farewell to the holidays with a final dinner at the Beis! Join us for a catered dinner at 7pm, or for a tisch / dessert and singing at 9pm.
Do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions?
Monday night Synagogue Hop *
For the sixth year now - the hottest Simchat Torah in the 'hood! After some dancing at the Beis, we'll dance around to synagogues in the area to share in the joy of Torah with them. Starting at 6:15pm with an orientation, we'll leave at 7 and hope to go for around 2 hours, hitting 7 places in the area, and finishing with Torah reading at the Beis. Here's the planned route:
Are you interested in helping read the Torah Simchat Torah morning (Tuesday)? *
We’ll have men’s and women’s Torah reading stations!
Tuesday afternoon picnic in Fort Tryon Park *
After a lot of dancing, kick back for a relaxed pot-luck picnic in Fort Tryon Park (the field to the right when you walk in) Sign up to bring something here:
How will you support us in making this the best Simchat Torah yet? *
Do you have any other ideas? Food, entertainment, people to invite, etc.
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