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The W2 Capitalist Podcast was ranked #1 on New & Noteworthy for iTunes just a few weeks after it was launched. Interested in being a guest on the W2 Capitalist Podcast? To be considered, please fill out and submit the application below. If selected, you will be contacted via the contact email you provided.

*PLEASE NOTE: A high-volume of applications are received on a weekly basis, and only applicants selected will be contacted. Priority will be given to those who rate and review our podcast on iTunes and also engage in our online community.

Rate & Review on iTunes: bit.ly/w2cpodcast

Online Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/REIforTheW2/
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The format of the show is if we're meeting for virtual coffee. Unscripted, just chatting and hanging out. Asking for topics to give us some swim lanes to stay in.
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A requirement as a guest is to promote the episode on social media and other applicable channels once the episode is live. Is this something the guest can agree to? *
All audio recordings will be done via Zoom. Please confirm guest is willing to download Zoom and has headphones and external mic for the recording: *
If No on the external mic, here is the one I use: https://amzn.to/2ZboEUR
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