No Starch Press Foundation Grant Application
This is The No Starch Press Foundation (NSPF) online application form the for 2019 Fall Grant Cycle.


Step One: Review the NSPF Grant Guidelines ( before applying to see if you meet our basic criteria for receiving a grant.

Step Two: Read the NSPF Application FAQ ( before applying so you are fully informed of our process.

Step Three: Submit the application form below, in English. It is each applicant’s obligation to translate language, verbal or Braille, into written English.


Applications are due by 11:59 PM PST, December 1, 2019.
NSPF will notify grant recipients no later than 11:59, PM, PST, December 16, 2019.

Grant decisions will also be announced via our website,
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What are your project's goals? How will you measure them? What end result should we expect?
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What community will your project benefit and how will it do so?
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Please note that awarded grants may be for less than the amount requested.
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Use this section to describe how you plan to use your grant money. We encourage you to supply a proposed budget and expected timelines if applicable. Please include geographic location of project. You are also encouraged to include links to supporting documents or websites if appropriate.
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We ask all grant recipients to provide, within two months of receipt of their grant, a description of how the funding they received contributed to their project. Once the subject project all grantees must provide a description of the completed project, pictures or video documentation of their project if possible, and a close-out budget indicating how funding was spent. In submitting this application I agree to to comply with NSPF reporting requirements.
Anti-Discrimination Policy *
No Starch Press Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, or marital status. In submitting this Grant Application, I confirm and agree to support No Starch Press Foundation’s anti-discrimination policy as it applies to myself, and as related to the project described in this application and by submitting this application I will also ensure that everyone related to this project confirms and agrees to this anti-discrimination policy.
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