March 2v2 Tournament
Tournament Format
● Single Elimination
● Howling Abyss
● All champs available - no restrictions!
Here's how to win:
● First team to get two kills
● OR
● First team to kill the opponent's turret
● OR
● First to a team 100 minions killed

● 1st place: 1000 RP + Mystery Skin
● 2nd place: 520 RP + Mystery Champion
● 3rd place: 390 RP + Mystery Icon
● 4th+: Mystery Icon

Both players must go to UNR!
YOU MUST create a Battlefy account and sign up for the Bracket here:
Please make sure to use your exact Summoner Name on Battlefy to ensure prizing will be distributed.
After each victory take a screenshot of the win for documentation purposes.

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