Central Texas Rat Rescue Adoption Application
******PLEASE READ FIRST!******

All applicants must be 18 or older. Legal guardians must complete the application for minors. Please do not fill out this application if you are not at least 18.

Please fill out the following information completely and honestly - our goal is to educate where needed, not to deny applicants. Please be sure to email a cage photo with accompanying signage as requested.  Incomplete applications WILL NOT receive a response.   Detailed applications will receive preference over one-word answer, bare-minimum submissions.

If you haven't received a response within a week, please 1) check that you have filled out the application completely including emailing a cage picture, 2) check your spam filter, and 3) email us at centraltexasratrescue@gmail.com.  If this fails, please message the Central Texas Rat Rescue Facebook page.

Thank you for your interest in adopting!
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Your first and last name: *
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Cell phone number *
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Email address *
How did you hear about CTRR? *
I am inquiring for... *
How many and what type of rat(s) are you interested in adopting? (male, female, age, variety, etc.)  Please indicate if you are open to other options if your first preference is not available. *
Are you looking for a companion for a resident rat or rats? *
Do you own or rent your home? *
One of the most common reasons we get rats surrendered is landlord issues.  If you rent, are you certain that your landlord allows rats in particular? *
Do you have the permission of all people in your home to adopt rats? *
Please describe your experience in rat care. *
Please list any (online or offline) rat-related organizations, forums, or groups you are a member of (include usernames): *
If you already have rodents at home, how will you quarantine your new rats? *
What housing do you plan to use for your rats? Please list specific cage brand, model, and full dimensions. *
*****Please EMAIL A PICTURE of your cage (not stock photo) to centraltexasratrescue@gmail.com and INCLUDE A PAPER SIGN WITH "CTRR" visible in the picture.  If you do not currently have a cage, please send a photo of the cage or cages you are considering purchasing or contact us for advice on cage recommendations (you will still need to supply a picture of your actual cage once obtained).  Reminder - incomplete applications WILL NOT receive a response!*****
What type of food and bedding do you plan to use with your rats? Please be specific (brand names, etc). *
Please tell us about the pets you have at home (type, breed, age, spayed/neutered, indoor or outdoor?). *
If no pets, please state below
Do you breed/have you bred any of your animals in the past?  Are you planning to breed in the future? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please elaborate.
Have you had to return or rehome a pet or surrender a pet to a rescue or shelter organization?  If so, please elaborate. *
Tell us about the people who live in your home.  Please list all occupants in the house (for children, please include ages). *
Who will be the primary caretaker for the adopted rats? *
Where in the home do you plan to keep your rats? *
Do you or anyone in your household smoke, vape, or burn candles/incense indoors? *
If you answered yes to the above question, how will animals in your house be protected?
Do you have a veterinarian experienced in rat care? *
Veterinarian's name and phone number *
May we contact your veterinarian for a reference? *
If no, why not?  Please provide a preferred alternate reference.
Are you willing and able to take this pet to a qualified veterinarian when needed? *
Exotic pets typically have higher associated veterinary costs.  We receive many rats surrendered because their owners could not afford or did not want to pay for veterinary care.  Are you prepared to handle potential veterinary costs for this pet? *
What will you do with this pet if you move? *
Follow-up on our adoptions is extremely important to us,.  Do you agree to keep in contact with CTRR with updates, particularly regarding any concerns or problems with this pet, and to reply to future inquiries for updates when requested? *
Do you agree to return this pet to CTRR if you can no longer keep him/her, even if adopting long distance? *
Under what circumstances would you return this pet? *
Is there anything else we should consider about your application?
By signing this profile you certify that the information you have given us is true to the best of your knowledge. *
Sign with full name and date
Thank you for your interest in adopting from Central Texas Rat Rescue. You will be contacted after your application is reviewed. Please contact centraltexasratrescue@gmail.com with any questions.  If you have not received a response after a week, check to be sure your application is complete along with a cage photo emailed to us, and check your email's spam folder.  Please send an email if you are unsure if we have received your application.
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