MFMII Kids Choir Registration Form
Rehearsals are on Thursdays at 3:30 - 4:45pm at Niles Elementary School, 37141 2nd Street, Fremont, CA 94536.
Registration fees are $125 per semester. Please pay online or by check (made payable to MFMII).
Semester 1 (September - December) Semester 2 (January - May)
See dates/times for all rehearsals/performances on MFMII website -
MFMII Kids Choir Goals
- To develop the children's individual talent in music.
- To involve students in singing including vocal techniques, breathing, playing rhythmic instruments, and choreography.
- To provide performance opportunities and a variety of music.
- To encourage cooperation, responsibility, self-discipline, self-esteem, perseverance, respect and creativity.
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Parent/Guardian Permission & Agreement
- My child will regularly attend all rehearsals and scheduled performances within the year.
- I am responsible for all transportation to/from rehearsals and performances.
- I am releasing the non-profit organization (MFMII) from any liability issues that may occur during rehearsals and performances.
- My child is expected to attend on time, participate fully and be well-behaved during all the sessions.
- I understand that should my child have a behavior issue, the organization has the right to ask him/her to leave the choir without any reimbursement of the registration fees.
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Video & Photo Release Disclaimer
Music for Minors II reserves the right to take videotapes and photos of the children at the rehearsals and performances. These photos and videos will be used in MFMII website, flyers, training classes and other promotional material only. Your child’s name will not be used at any time.
I authorize my child’s photo or video to be used in MFMII’s promotional material. *
MFMII Kids Choir Member's Agreement
- I will attend rehearsals regularly and on time.
- I will respect all members of the choir and the Choir Director during rehearsals and performances.
- I will do my best to participate fully during rehearsals and practice the songs at home.
- I will participate in the scheduled performances.
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