Grocery Shopping Request (South Bay Area)
This form is for elderly, immunocompromised, or the otherwise vulnerable to COVID-19. Please fill in the below information, including detailed grocery list, and you will be contacted with any questions, and to setup a time for drop-off.

Please keep a $100 budget per request in mind so that we can help as many people as possible.

Please make a donation to the program here. We suggest a $50 donation:
Purpose *
This program is intended to support those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 (immunocompromised, elderly, respiratory conditions). In order to ensure that we can help as many people as possible, please mark all that apply below
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Grocery List *
Due to limited supply of very specific items, please be as broad as possible (e.g. cereal vs. raisin bran). Your shopper will follow up with clarifications.
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Budget and Availability *
I acknowledge that the shoppers have approximately $100 available per request, so items may be prioritized and adjusted based on budget and availability.
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