b_inspired mental mapping
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What's something you love about yourself?
What's something you wish people knew immediately upon meeting you?
If your house was on fire, what three things would you grab quickly?
If you see a long ass line at the airport, what goes through your head?
What are some of the words your inner critic says to you?
Who are some of the people you hope to inspire based on your self work with b_inspired?
What is your dosha and how do you feel about it? Does it match? Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 
What does meditation mean to you? (and no judgment) what is your current "practice" like?
Do you currently use the chakras in your daily life? Take this quiz to learn more about your own current situation. What feels out of balance going into training?
What is your archetype profile? Take this quiz and tell me how you feel about it?
If you could visualize the best week in Mexico for you, what would you feel at the end? What would it look like?
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