Chinese Youth Initiative Summer Application Form 2019 華人前進會青年動力項目暑期實習申請表 2019
Thank you for your interest in Chinese Youth Initiative's Summer Internship Program! We are excited to hear from you!

Please complete this form by April 7, 2019. If you have any questions, feel free to email Erin Chow ( or call Erin at (617) 357-4499.

請於2019年4月7日前完成此申請表格。 如果您有任何問題,請隨時電郵 Erin Chow(或打個電話給Erin(617)357-4499。

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What is the Chinese Youth Initiative (CYI)?
The mission of the Chinese Youth Initiative is to develop youth leadership in the Chinese American community. Since 1994, CYI has been educating youth about the issues that Chinese Americans face, and has been providing youth with experience in grassroots organizing. CYI is a program of the Chinese Progressive Association based in Chinatown. It has opportunities year round, including a summer internship program.

What is CYI’s Summer Internship Program?
The internship program is an opportunity to understand the issues Chinese Americans face and how we can take collective action to improve our lives! By learning about Asian American history, Chinatown, and the core principles of organizing, you will be grounded in the community and what it takes to make transformative change. The CYI Summer Internship is a seven-week experience for high school-aged youth that focuses on the experiences and issues of Chinese Americans in the Greater Boston area. Through interactive workshops, discussions, videos, guest speakers, field trips, and hands-on projects, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and the community. You will also not just be learning, but taking action! This can include education projects, outreach to community members, and attending and planning protests. Issues that past youth have worked on in the past include worker rights, affordable housing, and a Chinatown library. Youth who have a strong investment in their community, who are bilingual in Chinese, and come from immigrant families are strongly encouraged to apply.

You will find out by early May if you are accepted into the program and there will be an orientation scheduled for late May or early June. All accepted applicants will be expected to participate in the Chinatown Bike-A-Thon, Saturday, June 1st. The internship kicks off with an overnight retreat from Monday, July 1st to Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 and will meet on Mondays through Thursdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm from Monday July 8th to Thursday August 15th, 2019. In addition to the dates and times listed, participants must be able to commit to some weekend and evening activities, averaging 20-25 hours per week. Interns will receive $429 every 2 weeks (a total stipend of $1500) for the duration of the summer program. Overnight retreat and other sessions after retreat are mandatory for participation.


一個可以發掘你領導潛能, 提供机会了解亞裔美國人在面对的问题,及認識如何采取集体行动来提高我们的生活的項目。通過了解亞裔美國人的歷史、唐人街和組織的核心原則, 你將扎根于社區, 以及做出變革性的改變。CYI暑期實習是一個長達七週,發展高中生年齡青年的領導力,並提供機會去改變華人社區。實習項目是專注於華裔在大波士頓地區的經驗和問題,通過互動研討會,討論,視聽,演講嘉賓,實地考察和實踐項目,你将會對自己、他人和社區有更深刻的了解。參与者從而也会得到知識和經驗去成為社區領袖。你將不僅僅是在學習, 同时也是在採取行動! 这也包括教育項目、與社區成員的外聯活動以及參加和策劃抗議活動。过往的青年所處理过的問題包括工人權利、經濟適用房和唐人街圖書館。在實習的最後幾個星期裡,實習生會制定一個社區行動項目,並給予機會反思和分享他們在學習中累積的知識。如果你對我們的社區有無限的熱忱,是中英雙語,以及來自移民家庭,我們極之鼓勵你來參加。華埠如何組織社區!

如果你被取錄參加青年互動項目,會在五月初收到消息,和在五月尾或六月初會有介紹會。所有被取錄的申請人必須參加在星期六 6 月 1 日舉辦的自行車馬拉松籌款活動。實習項目會隨著在7月1日至7月3日的退思會而揭幕,之後是由7月8日至8月15日,逢星期一至四,上午10時到下午4時。除了上述的日期和時間外,參與者必須參加一些週末和晚上的活動,平均每週大概20-25小時。實習生將會在這段期間內獲得$1500的津貼 ($429 每两星期)。而所有退思會及所有其他會議必須要參與。

Important Dates/Timeline 重要日期/時間表
April 7th: Applications due or postmarked

April 15 – 26th: Interviews

Early-Mid May : Decisions on acceptance

June 1st: Chinatown Bike-A-Thon

July 1st-3rd: Overnight retreat

July 8th: Internship begins Mondays-Thursdays
7月8日:實習開始 ,星期一至星期四

August 15th: Internship ends

2018 CYI Summer Internship Retreat - 2018年CYI退思會
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How did you hear about this program (e.g. personal reference, relative, school, community organization, website, etc.)? 您是怎麼知道這個实习项目的 (比如說:有人介紹,親戚,學校,社區組織,網頁)? *
What times are you available between April 15-26th for an interview? Please specify dates and times. 4月15日到4月26日你有時間做面试?请注明日期和时间. *
Upon completing our first week of CYI summer internship! 完成我们CYI暑期实习的第一周!
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