Six Weeks of Spirit Feedback
Hi, thank you so much for giving us feedback on your experience of Six Weeks of Spirit. We'd like to get a bit of an overview of your experience, what we could improve/update, and a testimonial if you'd like to give one.

Thank you!
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First things first, what's your name? *
Did you feel you engaged enough for you? This doesn't mean that you attended every single thing, but that your level of engagement suited you. If no, was there anything we have feasibly done to help you engage?
The energetics and holding are a huge part of the course for us. Were you aware of the energetics, the healings, the group field?
Moving on to Facebook, some love it, some hate it! Did you engage with the group and did you find it useful?
Is there anything you would suggest that we could do differently in the Facebook group next time?
Similar to this, emails. It seems to us that the email support is of huge benefit to participants, but is also very demanding for Avanti, so we really really want to find a balance between providing really good support during the course and Avanti leaving the computer every now and then, so with that in mind; how useful did you find the email support, and would the course have worked without it?
We did provide a guide for emailing, but very few people used it. If you didn't use the guide could you give a bit of info on why? Did you forget about the guidelines, they didn't seem important, you were so caught up in what you were experiencing that you didn't have the wherewithal to think?
We were thinking that next time to offer support with less emails we could have more Q&As (one per week) and make more use of the Facebook group for questions. How do you feel this might work?
Any other suggestions regarding the emails, and the balance between support and time? We really want to provide top level support but it doesn't feel feasible or realistic to do the emails again in this way.
Moving to the course content, which week (or weeks) was your favourite, and why? Were there any particular themes that stuck out?
Was it useful having so many live healings and recordings? That was new this time and we're keen to know if it was useful. This includes the morning quickies on Facebook and the hour-long healings on Zoom.
Are you happy for us to use your feedback in future marketing? *
Testimonial. Your thoughts on the course.
If you've given a testimonial, how should we reference you? Name, location, website?
Finally, we are thinking that in the new year we will offer a subscription healing option of one healing every week, much like the Thursday healings on the course. It would be an anchor point to rest into your spirit on a regular, ongoing basis. We are thinking to charge £50 per month. Is this something you'd be interested in, and how does the price sound?
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