2022 PAPRS Virtual Conference Call for Presenters
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Conference Theme: "Facing Challenges: Resiliency and Renewal"
The goal of the PAPRS Conference Committee is to develop a balanced program with a wide range of presentations on topics that will enrich the attendee’s application of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Principles. The Committee may request a modification in the content of the presentation to address the needs of conference participants.

Each proposal will be rated on the following selection criteria. All the materials listed can be found at www.psychrehabassociation.org. In addition, essential criteria include live links where available to help clarify what is required.

· Relevance to psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery-oriented practice

· Organization, clarity, originality, and creativity

· 3 clearly stated learning objectives

· Identified presentation strategies

· Completeness of application

The presenter application for the 2022 PAPRS Virtual Conference, is online at the PAPRS website. Information submitted will be used as contact information regarding your application status and will be used as the presenters’ information listed in the conference program if you are selected as a presenter. A sample of the online application is available as a guide to assist presenters to complete their application.

All correspondence will be sent to the primary contact. Please complete accurately.

PAPRS reserves the right to make changes to your title and/or description based on space availability in the conference program.
A continuing education course instructor must satisfy at least one of the following minimum qualifications.

· Instructor is a current CPRP or CFRP and has successful experience as an instructor in the human services field

· Instructor holds another license or certification in a mental health profession and a minimum of 5 years of experience in
working in psychiatric rehabilitation

· Instructor has authored publications within the past five years on topics within the domain(s) being presented
Primary Contact - Lead Presenter - Please include credentials *
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Organization (if any): *
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Have you presented using a virtual platform *
Are you a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP)? *
Are you a Certified Family Resiliency Practitioner (CFRP)? *
Are you a member of PAPRS/PRA? *
Additional Presenter Information-Please provide Name, Credentials, Job Title, Organization, Cell Phone, and email address. Please provide for all additional presenters.
Continuing Education Credits
PAPRS is approved by the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA) to offer continuing education credits on an hourly basis for CPRP and CFRP.
Continuing Education Credits for Social Workers, Psychologists, etc. may be offered through the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work when the course meets the requirements through advance submission and approval of the following:
1. Resume for each presenter – Due with initial application, please email to tricia.fisher@paprs.org
2. Bio for each presenter – Due with initial application, please email to tricia.fisher@paprs.org
3. Conflict of Interest form – Due upon notification of acceptance
4. Program Description – Due with initial application
5. At least three peer reviewed references – Due with initial application
6. Posttest with answers – Due with initial application
7. Slide deck – Due by March 31, 2022
Title of Presentation: *
Please indicate the type of session for your proposal: *
Please indicate presentation level: *
Workshop Description for Conference Brochure (maximum of 75 words): *
Learning Objectives
Learning objectives must be measurable, learner-centered, and achievable within the timeframe of the activity. The objectives should be rooted in gaps in knowledge, skills or abilities of practitioners, identified by a front-end analysis of needs and best practices, and clearly identify the observable demonstration (cognitive, affective, or motor) of the knowledge, skills, or abilities that learners will gain in a professional context after participation in the activity.
An educational Learning Objective describes the ACTION a participant will be able to PERFORM, showing that the OUTCOME has been achieved.
Therefore, Learning Objectives must:
• Begin with an ACTION VERB (not Understand/Know/Learn)
• Be specific, clear, concise (one outcome per learning objective)
• Describe a MEASURABLE and/or OBSERVABLE behavior/action that participants may be able to DO (i.e., LIST, DEFINE, DESCRIBE, CLASSIFY, COMPARE, CREATE, SUMMARIZE).
For a list of action verbs and/or clarification, visit http://bit.ly/bloomactionverbs
Please provide 3 Learning Objectives for this presentation. *
Please indicate the PSR Domains covered in this presentation: *
Which of the following is the course content based upon (check all that apply): *
Please provide the presentation outline: *
Presentation Strategies
PAPRS will utilize the CVENT virtual conference platform. CVENT offers several features you can use during your presentation, including breakout rooms, chat, and polling.
PAPRS strongly encourages use of one or more of these options to increate the interactive nature of your presentation.
Please indicate the number of polls and the preferred size and number of breakout rooms you expect to use, for PAPRS to complete the required set-up. Chat is available to all with no advance setup requirement.
PAPRS staff will be available during your presentation to assist with monitoring and use of selected interactive features.
References: Provide a minimum of 3 representative citations that were used to develop the course content and support your claims. Must be full citations in an acceptable format such as APA Style: (example: Author, A. (Year of Publication). Title of work. Publisher City, State: Publisher). *
Post-Test with answer key: Please provide -5 brier true/false questions along with the answer key.
Will you or any presenter require a reasonable accommodation due to a disability? *
Sign Off Information
Code of Ethics:
PAPRS subscribes to the PRA Code of Ethics developed by the Commission for Certification of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners. We are attaching a copy with this application and request that you read it in full. The code is based on the values and principles of the psychiatric rehabilitation field and profession, including respecting the worth, dignity, and uniqueness of all persons, as well as their rights, opportunities, and obligations within a safe, caring environment. This includes our training program as well. We ask our presenters to incorporate the concepts of treating all persons in an ethically and clinically sound manner, which is recovery-focused and culturally informed, within the context of your training. Link to Code of Ethics - https://www.psychrehabassociation.org/sites/default/files/series-documents/2018_code_of_ethics.pdf
Please check the following to indicate your agreement: *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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