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Tyrnhaw HEMA tournament will take place on October 18th-19th 2019 in Trnava, Slovakia. The event will be held in the "Mestská športová hala" facilities. Please fill all the required fields accordingly so we can ensure full comfort for all the participants.

After submitting your registration fee you will receive (hopefully in 24h) a registration fee (30 EUR) payment request. All unpaid registration will be cancelled after 14 days.

All your details are secure with the organiser and won’t be forwarded to any third party. Only a limited number of organisation staff (or specialised personnel) will have access to it.
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If you compete in more categories please enter longsword first and rapier the second (http://hemaratings.com/)
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First category 30 EUR, the second + 10 EUR
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+ 12 Euro/person
In case your health condition needs special attention or you use certain medication regularly that might affect your abilities or may lead to unwanted effects, please describe your condition below. This information will not be shared with any third parties and will be only provided to a very limited number of organisation staff or (if needed) to specialised personnel. The organiser will not held any responsibility for potential issues that might occur and were concealed.
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