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>>Our sale-run services are closed at the moment. We will open a couple weeks into 6.0. If you fill-in the form now you'll be put in a queue for a run in the future.<<

We are a group of mature experienced players on Darth Malgus who have cleared all of the current game content and feel like sharing with game community items that can only be acquired by doing operations and killing certain bosses. For credits. We have run raid-sale services as a team for over a year now, handled over 100 customers and did about 200 individual sale-runs.
How the process goes
- Our sales are done in 8 man mode only.
- During the sale Buyer will be asked to come to our Discord voice channel for real-time communication. It is not necessary, but this can improve chances of a successful and smooth sale.
- During boss encounters Buyer's role resembles a spectator role.
- In some cases Buyer will be asked to /stuck at the start of boss encounter to make it easier for us
- Otherwise if he chooses to participate in the fight we will explain taking which actions in this particular encounter is best to be avoided .
- Any gear that drops with buyer in the instance can be given to the buyer for free.
- Decorations from bosses can be sold to the buyer.
Prepaid expense rules and explanation
In order to avoid scamming, drama and other unwanted things, we ask buyer for a prepaid expense just before the sale starts.

Why? We are the Seller side and have reputation, if we scam people, we will get reported and will stop getting buyers. On the other side, Buyer can be anyone, if he scams the Seller, he can just disappear and become impossible to track. We invest time and also use a consumable Nightmare Crystals when starting the raid which cost around 15 mil credits each. Thus, prepaid expense is obligatory for any Buyer we provide our services to.

Prepaid expense rules:
- If sale is an item that can be traded (mount, gear or decoration), advance is 50% of total price traded when the full ops group is formed and we're about to engage the boss. Other 50% are traded for an item Buyer is interested in after the sale is concluded.
- If sale is a title or an achievement, advance is 50% of total price before we start killing early bosses in the raid and then final 50% quickly before pulling the last boss (because after we kill certain bosses granting title/achievement we would only rely on Buyer's honesty to get our reward).
- If sale was not concluded the day buyer paid his advance, we return full advance to buyer.
- If sale item is a Timed Run and it was not concluded because of Buyer being away from keyboard, 50% of total price are returned to Buyer and 50% are kept by Seller.
- If sale is a Timed Run usually the buyer will be asked to enter the instance once 8 people from our team have killed early bosses in a timely manner all the way until the last boss to save time and guarantee a successful timed run, if a buyer also wants achievements for early bosses he needs to pay additional 30 mil, the buyer can participate and help in the fights, however if he chooses not to, he can just /stuck and we will use an amount of crystal that allows us to fully 7-man the entire operation. *Details discussed in private message*
Your in-game character name *
This should be at least level 50 character that you want to come on for the sale. Please include all special symbols.
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Side you want your sale on *
Your discord name. Example: name#1234 *
After submitting this form we will contact you through Discord to plan the sale. Make sure this contact info is valid.
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Please select time you can attend for the sale *
At the moment Monday is most convenient for us, but we are willing to discuss this if Buyer cannot come on Monday.
Dread Fortress
Wings of the Architect preview
Wings of the Architect preview
Dread Palace
Dread Enhanced Rancor preview
Dread Enhanced Rancor preview
Gods from the Machine
Captionless Image
Terror from Beyond
Helix Hyperpod preview
Helix Hyperpod preview
Scum and Villainy
Titan 6 Containment Vehicle preview
Titan 6 Containment Vehicle preview
Explosive Conflict
Avalanche Heavy Tank preview
Avalanche Heavy Tank preview
Gods From The Machine Veteran Mode (HM)
Ravagers Veteran Mode (HM)
Temple of Sacrifice Veteran Mode (HM)
If there is something else you want to tell us and neither of previous forms were suitable for it, please write what you wanted here. We'll answer all your questions over discord.
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If you have any additional questions and do not want to fill the form, you can contact our officers on discord:
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