Hubbard Free Library Community Survey
The Hubbard is conducting an important strategic planning process this year. The planning process will help us determine how best to enhance its services and contributions to the community. We are seeking input from all community members - those who currently visit the library, and those who do not, those who live in Hallowell and those from nearby communities. The more people we hear from, the better understanding we will have of what's wanted most.

By completing this short survey you can help determine future programming and services. We strongly encourage you to participate in this survey and to share your views on the Hubbard's future. Please be assured that your responses will be anonymous.

Which best describes the way you or your family use the Hubbard?
If you chose "Seldom" or "Never" above, why is that?
What do you think are the Hubbard's greatest strengths?
Which library services and offering are you most likely to use?
In addition to traditional library services what other principal purposes should the Hubbard serve?
What changes would you make to the Hubbard to make that possible? Please explain.
Your answer
What three changes would you make to improve your experience of living in Hallowell?
Your answer
What role might the Hubbard play in achieving these goals?
Your answer
Would you agree that the Hubbard needs additional financial support to remain on a sound financial basis?
Additional funding will be needed to support the Hubbard as it adds new programs and services. Where should the funding come from?
Where do you live?
What is your age?
What is your gender?
Educational attainment?
From the following list of library services please choose the items that you think the Hubbard should emphasize over the next five years?
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