Are you a formerly incarcerated borrower? Open Campus wants to hear from you.

Please take a few minutes to share your experience with us by answering the questions below. With your permission, Open Campus national reporter Charlotte West may contact you for a future story.

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Tell us about yourself and your educational background. Did you attend college prior to incarceration? When and where did you attend college, and did you finish your degree?

Did you take out loans to pay for college? If so, roughly how much?

How did you manage your student loans while you were incarcerated, if you were able to? Did you go into default?

If you did not finish your college education before you were incarcerated, have you been able to continue your studies, either in prison or after release?

What is your perspective on your student loan debt? Do you believe your college education was worth it?

Are you still repaying your loans? 

How will the end of the payment pause in October impact you?
Are there any additional challenges that formerly incarcerated students face when it comes to student loans that you would like people to be aware of?
Are there any questions you have about student loans that we may be able to help you find answers to?
Can we contact you for a future story?

If you answered 'Yes' to the above question, please share your name and email or phone number below. This won't be shared publicly, but will be used by reporter Charlotte West to get in touch with you. If you answered 'No' to the above question, please write 'N/A' below. *

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