Texas Furry Fiesta 2019 Fursuit Dance Competition Audition Registration Form
Filling out the Application Form will get your name on the list into the Auditions where you will dance your way to be in the Main Show for all to see. Auditions results will be given at the end of the Audition panel. If you do Audition and go to the Main Dance Contest, you MUST provide your own music for your dance number. If you do not bring your own Music, you will not be allowed to participate in the Main Dance Contest. You can also email a copy of your music to DanceComp@furryfiesta.org.
Legal Name: *
Your Legal Name as it appears as ID or Driver's License
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Furry of Performer Name: (If different from regular Fursona Name) *
If your suit or character has a specific name you would like to use in the competition.
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Email Address: *
What is the best Email Address(s) to reach you at?
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What Level would you like to compete at: *
Single/Duet/Group: *
Are you dancing solo? You and a partner? Or a group? Let us know!
Type of Suit: *
Are you in a Full Suit? Partial? Anything specific?
Props or Extras:
Do you have any props necessary for your dance? Anything you may need that we need to take note of for Safety Purposes or need to know about?
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Questions or Additional Info:
Is there anything else you want to let us know? Any questions you have that you want answered? Put it below to be reviewed when you submit the form and we will respond as soon as possible!
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Audition Onsite or Online: *
This year, we are offering the option for you to record yourself and send it in an email or post to youtube and link us, if you would like to have an Audition Submitted before the con and you will alerted when the list is posted and finalized!
Are you interested in participating in the opening group number:
We are looking at doing an opening group choreographed number. If you are interested in helping or being in it please let me know! I will be recording a video of the dance and sending it out prior to the con and we will also have a lesson time to teach on site.
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