Questionnaire for tango teachers
By completing this questionnaire you can contribute to the development of the tango community in your country. In this questionnaire there are no right or wrong answers. The validity of the study depends on your honesty. The answers are confidential and anonymous. To preserve the objectivity of your responses, all data will go directly into the database of the "Tango for all" project for interpretation and not to the tango teachers involved in the project.

The term "tango school" used in this survey corresponds to all types of entities where tango is taught.

This questionnaire is done through the “Tango for all” project, funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus +, Collaborative Partnerships. In this project are involved 6 NGOs from 5 EU countries:

• Association for Culture and Tango, Anca & Traian Ionescu, Romania
• Argentinian Tango Academy Association, Stan & Raluca Lucian Aldea, Romania
• Academia Nacional del Tango, Carlos LUISS Maturano & Heide Maria Schmollgruber, Austria
• A.S.D. CLAUDIO & BARBARA TANGO, Claudio Forte and Barbara Carpino, Italy
• Association Mouvements Dansés - Tango Mon Amour, Mariana Patsarika and Dimitris Biskas, France
• Tango Argentin Táncszínház Közhasznú Egyesület / Argentine Tango Dance Theatre Association, Pirity Andrea & Lazslo Budai, Hungary

You can find more details about the project on: or

1. How satisfied are you generally about the tango community in your city? *
2. Do you think that things in your city in the tango community are going in the right or wrong direction? *
3. Over a year, how do you think the situation will be in the tango community in your city? *
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