By Discovery: Small Pod Hybrid Learning Support
By Discovery is pleased to help students successfully navigate hybrid learning in a small pod environment! Information for Trimester 2 is outlined below. Stay tuned for Trimester 3 updates to our program when D97 publishes the Trimester 3 Hybrid schedule.

Stacey Grieff, MSEd, Early Childhood Education, will lead our pod. We can accommodate 4 students following CDC Covid-safety guidelines. Full time participation is Monday through Friday (for part time requests, please indicate the days in the comments section at the end of this form). Registrations are first come first served. Please see scholarship information below. Students will need transportation to our studio pod and a bagged lunch. Drop off is between 12:00 and 12:15. Students can enjoy short outdoor learning breaks in the courtyard for fresh air and exercise.

Location: Magical Minds Studio, 110 Madison Street
Days: Monday through Friday
Times: 12 to 3pm
Optional: Extended Day With MAGICAL MINDS STUDIO, 3-6pm

Your child's safety is our top priority: By Discovery will follow all guidelines established by ISBE, IDPH and the CDC. Children and staff will maintain a distance of 6 feet, wear face coverings, wash hands frequently and stay home if unwell to protect the health of others. Students who are unable to meet these guidelines, despite support from our staff to do so, will be removed from the program without refund.

Program Cost:
-$30 per day, 12:00 - 3pm
-A 10% discount is awarded to families who have more than one child enrolled in the program
-Extended Day Option is a separate registration & fee with Magical Minds Studio (

We calculate the Trimester 2 fee based on the total number of your child's participation days, Feb.1 through March 12. The Trimester 2 payment can be divided into two installments, due Feb. 1st and Feb 22nd. Please indicate if you prefer payment in 2 installments in the comment section at the end of this form.

Trimester 2, Full Time participation, M-F:
February: 16 days
March: 10 days

26 days x $30 per day = $780 or 2 installments of $390

NOTE: 2 weeks notice must be given should you decide not to continue enrollment in the following month. Also, we are unable to provide refunds for missed days/absences.

By Discovery can offer 1 need based scholarship for recipients of free and reduced lunch, at 50% discount. Registration must be made by Wednesday, January 27th. After that time, the space will be opened to those on the waitlist.

Enrollment: is open throughout the 2nd and 3rd Trimester, based upon availability. Families may be placed on a wait list. Fees are pro-rated for those who enroll during the Trimester, based on participation days and availability.

Families are invoiced on the 24th of each month with payment due on the 1st of the month or the next business day, if the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday. A $25 late fee will be invoiced for each month a payment is submitted past the due date.

Accepted Forms of Payment:
-Zelle (to By Discovery LLC /
-Check (bank issued or personal), made out to By Discovery LLC, 803 Wenonah Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60304
-PayPal (you will receive a By Discovery QR Code via email & Instructions to make payment)

-Stacey Grieff, MSEd, Early Childhood Education, Erikson Institute, Chicago.

Substitute Staff:
-Jocelyne Adkins, Program Director/Founder, MAAE, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
-Pamela Penney, BA, Interior Design, Michigan State University.

Thank you for choosing By Discovery! We are passionate about supporting families and helping children to achieve and succeed!

For questions about By Discovery please contact Program Director:

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