RubyKaigi 2018 Sponsorship Application Form
Thank you for your interest in sponsoring RubyKaigi 2018.

Please fill in the information for the main contact, invoice details, and your company information. An invoice will be sent based on the sponsorship information provided upon completion of the form.

We will be accepting sponsorship applications until the end of March. Please understand that the application period may end without prior notice.

Also, we're willing to accept custom sponsorship plans such as Drink-up Sponsor, Wi-Fi Sponsor, etc. Feel free to shoot an email to if you have any questions.

For additional information about the sponsorship packages, please download the sponsorship prospectus


RubyKaigi 2018のスポンサーシップのお申し込みをご検討いただきありがとうございます。


※RubyKaigi 2018 スポンサーシップのお申し込みは3月下旬まで受付予定です。一部プランや展示ブースなどお申し込み多数の場合は予定より早く終了する可能性があります。予めご了承ください。

その他不明点やご相談は までご相談ください。
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If "Other", please specify in the additional notes section below.
Every plan eligibles to publish your logo to and screens in intermissions.

懇親会スポンサー、ドリンクアップスポンサー、Wi-Fiスポンサー等の独自のスポンサープランのお申し込み、ご提案は "Other/その他" を選択の上、次のフォームに具体的な情報をご記入ください。
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Sponsor Booth
Please answer if you would like a sponsor booth at the event (only for sponsors of Ruby and Platinum plans).

Sponsor Information
Please let us know your company information to put on our official website.

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Please provide a short introduction of your company. Note that the length of the introduction will be vary depending on the sponsorship plan you chose. 利用可能なワード数がスポンサーのプラン毎に異なりますのでご注意ください (Ruby: 200 words, Platinum: 100 words, Gold: 50 words, Sliver: 25 words)。
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Company Logo
Please upload your company logo file for the sponsors page in our website.

Please ensure that your logo is in .ai, .eps or other vector image file format, and please name that logo file as your company name in English.
e.g. ABC Corporation → / ABC.eps /

".ai", ".eps"などのベクター形式で、ファイル名を英文での社名にしてご提供ください。
(例)ABC Corporation → / ABC.eps /
Additional tickets / 取り置きチケット
How many additional tickets you need?
We're happy to reserve additional attendee tickets in Super Early Bird tier (+ consumption tax). Current deadline of the reservation is May 11th. RubyKaigi will invoice sponsors for these tickets after the conference. Super Early Bird価格(+消費税)でチケットをお取り置きさせていただきます。お申し込み期限は 5月11日予定です。チケット代はRubyKaigi開催後の請求となります。
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RubyKaigi Policies を確認の上、同意します。
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