RSU 56 Spring 2020 Remote Learning Parent Feedback

We are dedicated to providing the best education possible no matter the circumstances and value your feedback to support our growth and planning. We are working hard to provide a way to safely and legally provide in-person education in the fall for our students. Your input is needed as RSU 56 reflects on the spring and plans for the fall. Thank you!

This survey is anonymous and confidential.

There are two sections. The first section is feedback about the spring, and the second section is to help with our planning for the fall.
What grades did your student(s) attend this spring during remote learning? (check all that apply) *
What, if any, specialized support does your child(ren) receive? (check all that apply)
Please share any feedback you have regarding specialized support services.
What, if any, technology did your student(s) often use during remote learning for school purposes? (check all that apply) *
Please share any feedback you have regarding school technology.
Please rate the effectiveness of different remote learning strategies and efforts during remote learning.
Very effective
Somewhat effective
Somewhat ineffective
Very ineffective
Not applicable
Contests and games
Recorded virtual instruction (can be accessed at any time)
Live virtual class or group meetings
Live virtual one-to-one meetings for staff and students
Hard copy packet of materials including books
Online activities (eSpark, FlipGrid, IXL, DuoLingo, etc.)
Online assignments in Google Classroom or Seesaw
Online formative assessments (a series of step-by-step assignments which are graded)
Online formal summative assessments (such as tests)
Online project-based assessments
Email communication with staff
Phone communication with staff
Availability and access to administration
Please share any feedback you have regarding remote learning.
Please rate the challenges you and your student encountered during the public health emergency.
Very challenging
Somewhat challenging
Somewhat unchallenging
Very unchallenging
Not applicable
Food instability
Housing instability
Childcare instability
Income instability
Access to technology for learning
Motivation to complete school work
Multiple students in the same household
At-home reading activities
At-home math activities
At-home writing activities
At-home online activities
Unmet social, emotional and mental health needs
Communication with school staff
Student behavior
Please share any feedback you have regarding the challenges your student(s) experienced during this public health emergency.
On average, how many times a week did an RSU 56 staff member contact you or your student during remote learning (including messages)? *
How would you rate the school district's performance during this period of emergency remote learning? *
Very Poor
Very Strong
How would you rate your student(s)'s learning experience during this period of emergency remote learning? *
Very Poor
Very Strong
Please provide any additional feedback that would be helpful for us as we reflect and learn from this past spring.
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