She Unnames Them
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1. Why does Eve unname the animals and what effect does it have on the current system?  Hint: Use this passage as a place to start. “Most of [the animals] accepted namelessness with the perfect indifference with which they had so long accepted and ignored their names.”
2. Describe Adam and Eve’s relationship. How is it different than your previous idea of them? What does it say about the role of males and females in the story?
3. Explain what the problem was for Eve.  Use the following as a starting point. “One of my reasons for doing what I did was that talk was getting us nowhere…” (p. 1353)
4. Explain Eve’s thought process in the following passage. “This was more or less the effect I had been after. It was somewhat more powerful than I had anticipated, but I could not now, in all conscience, make an exception for myself. I resolutely put anxiety away, went to Adam, and said, ‘You and your father lent me this- gave it to me, actually. It’s been really useful, but it doesn’t exactly seem to fit very well lately. But thanks very much! It’s really been very useful.’” (p. 1353)
5. Why would taking away names make people (and animals) closer?  “None were left to unname, and yet how close I felt to them when I saw one of them swim or fly or trot or crawl across my way or over my skin, or stalk me in the night, or go along beside me for a while in the day.” (p. 1352)
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