2019-2020 Eagle Tech Application
Eagle Tech is a school-within-a-school; therefore, individuals who participate in the program are considered students of Franklin County High School. It offers students an innovative learning environment with an instructional focus on project-based learning. Students accepted into Eagle Tech @ Franklin County High School are required to remain in the program for the full school year, because course credits in the program are difficult to transfer to a traditional course.

Current New Tech @ Gereau and Eagle Tech students who are successful in their respective program will be given priority to the 100 available seats at each grade level. In order to ensure equity and fairness, if more than 100 qualifying applications are received, students will be selected through a stratified lottery.

Only students whose completed applications were received prior to the application deadline, which is March 1, will be included in the lottery. The lottery will continue until 100 applicants have been chosen. The 101st student selected (and beyond) for each grade level will go on a waiting list that will stay in force through July 2019.

Students will be notified by March 5, of their status for the 2019-2020 school year.

Please complete all the fields below and submit the form. If you have any questions, please contact the director Ms. Slone H. Lang via email at slone.lang@frco.k12.va.us or call at 540-483-0221, ext. 315.

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