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Simply visit all the virtual booths in APOA 2021 to get the clue to complete the form. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your chance of winning the prizes!
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1. Please list any 3 of Arthoworld Sdn Bhd’s main product range. *
2. List the 3 countries outside of Malaysia that Arthoworld Sdn Bhd can send surgeons for certifiable training. *
3. What is an advantage of using an all-suture anchor such as the Y-Knot Flex for instability repairs? *
4. CONMED’s Y-Knot RC for rotator cuff repair comes in configurations that include which of the following? *
5. What is the diameter of the Arthrex NanoScope? *
6. Does BonAlive putty inhibit bacterial growth in situ? *
7. Please select which are the correct feature(s) for Viper Prime System? *
8. How many key features are there in ATTUNE Knee System? *
9. Why is Cingal different from other HA? *
10. What is Hyalofast made of? *
11. What is the indication of Skudexa? *
12. Treatment duration of Skudexa should not be longer than 5 days. *
13. Name the class of treatment for Prolia®. *
14. Prolia® is administered ________________. *
15. D-Cure contains 25,000 IU Cholecalciferol? *
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