Volunteer Shift Application
For those wishing to apply as volunteers for Mayofest please fill out the following application.
Upon application approval, you will be sent the shift sign up link
Applicants who are not approved will have their deposit refunded.

Volunteers will receive:
- Early Access to the site
- Invites to Special Events
- Access to the volunteer lounge(w/snacks and water)
- FREE ENTRANCE with 8 hours worked (Volunteers must place a $60 deposit which will be refunded only upon completion of their 8hrs.)
- Those that wish to volunteer less than 8 hours/not receive a refund may still do so but must buy their entrance.
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Tell us About Yourself
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How many mayo years old are you?
Do you have any allergies or other limitations we should be aware of?
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Do you any related skills or expertise you would like us to know about?
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Signup Check List
Step 1(optional): Join the volunteer Facebook group( https://www.facebook.com/groups/mayofest.volunteers/)
Step 2: Pay your volunteer deposit (http://www.mayofest.org/mayo-store/volunteer-deposit) or if you do not wish to receive a refund pay for entrance.
Step 3: Read and agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct(https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ns8WxucolR2YzK5oiz9UrRqQWZwijjeonfT-KAtfuBU/edit?usp=sharing)
Step 4: Fill out this form
Step 5: Signup for shifts. The link will follow after we verify this form and payment.
Application Status: *
I have joined the facebook group
I have paid my volunteer deposit
I have bought my own entrance and do not wish to receive a refund
I have read and agreed to the volunteer code of conduct. I understand viloation of the code of coduct will result in me being removed from my shifts and forfeiting my deposit
I understand I must complete a minimum of 8 volunteer hours to receive a refund
Every attempt will be made to accommodate your original shift selection. However, in order to ensure we have adequate coverage we may change shifts with in your availability.
I am interested in follow sections *
*** Volunteers for these sections must be approved by the section leader or volunteer coordinator. Please email volunteer@mayofest.org if you are unsure
Shift Availability
By submitting this you are indicating you have read the form and are willing to abide by the rules as they have been laid out.
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