Planned Giving Scheme
Why Give?

There are many reasons to give but here’s a few:
• We give because everything we own is God’s, and it’s a privilege to give back to him (1 Chronicles 29:14).
• We give because we’ve so richly received from God, including his son Jesus Christ (2 Cor 8:9). We’re exhorted to be generous like him.
• We give as a form of worship to God (Phil 4:18). God graciously accepts our giving as a ‘fragrant sacrifice’ when it’s given in the spirit of thanksgiving.
• We give to further God’s Kingdom (Matt 6:19-21). God’s Kingdom needs funding as well, and why not store our treasure in heaven?

There are two ways to give regularly:

1) By Monthly Numbered Envelopes
An envelope is provided to you for each month so that you may put your giving in the offertory bags when you worship on Sundays. The envelopes are numbered and your number is only known to the Treasurer who oversees the accounting and issues tax receipts.* Alternatively your giving can be put in the monthly envelopes and sent to the Church Office. Cheques should be written to “Shatin Anglican Church”.

2) By Standing Order (Monthly Bank Transfer)
By this method your bank will transfer your monthly giving to the church account. Unlike the previous years, you will need to get the forms from your own bank in order to set it up or set it up through online banking.
* Account name: St. Andrew’s Church - Shatin Anglican Church
* Account number: HSBC (004) 018-057919-008
The debit will appear on your bank statement as having been paid to “St. Andrew’s Church”.

* Receipts will be sent to you annually at the end of the tax year to enable you to claim tax relief.

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