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This is a perfect little spot for me to keep organized on NEW or even Current Author book review requests. I am pretty open to ROMANCE. Meaning, I could probably tell you about the ones I do not enjoy or find attractive to read rather than telling you the long list of the ones I do want/enjoy and usually go for. That said, I have made it pretty easy to fill in all the information below. Thank you for considering me to read your master piece!

*I usually tend to read more Contemporary Romance (I have tried western, paranormal and historical) they may not be my ideal read but I have tried them. That said, I am a HEA girl, I do love mystery, suspense and danger too. Friends-To-Lovers, enemy to lovers, single dad/mom, biker (I LOVE BIKER), cowboy. **This is kind of huge, I do have a trigger and that is young(er) characters or settings (meaning, high school or young college type) I have noticed that I do not like reading younger romance because the heroines tend to be overly indecisive and immature, not to mention the hero's likewise. Yes, I know they are young hence why I don't tend to read them. It's just a PERSONAL choice and I like to be upfront. Not saying I wont give it a try but may not be my cup of tea.

*Once I review the information I will send out an e-mail letting you know either way.

You can always contact me directly via e-mail ->

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