NUS-NParks Online Marine Mammal Sighting Reporting Form
Have you seen a dolphin / porpoise / dugong lately in Singapore waters, while you were out at sea or strolling along one of the beaches ? If so, please spare a few minutes to fill in this form with details of your sighting. We are especially looking for spottings you may have had in 2022.

Your information helps us to build our knowledge base of marine mammals and their sightings. Thank you!

If you are willing to send us photos of the sightings or google map pin drops of the location, you may email  . We look forward to your support.

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Please provide latitude and longitude readings, if possible. If you are onsite with smartphone, you can get Lat-Lon in this way: Open Google map > point and hold to drop pin > tap the pin to select > tap the Lat-Lon to copy > paste in this field
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