Goddess in the Forest Retreat Application
Organizers: Erica Pennell & Cheryl Taylor
Venue: Hostel in the Forest, Brunswick, GA
By filling out this application I understand that I am requesting a 15-20min discovery call to determine if the Goddess in the Forest Retreat is a good fit for me.
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In order to honor yourself and others, we ask that all attendees commit to the entire experience from Opening Circle to Closing Circle.
“I have reviewed the schedule of events, and can commit to staying from the start of this gathering to its finish, Thursday November 1st at 5pm- Sunday November 4th at 3pm.” *
In the coming week, Cheryl or Erica will be contacting you for to schedule your discovery call. What is the best way to contact you? *
Are you a previous participant of Goddess in the Forest? *
If you have attended any other women's-centered retreats or community circles, please elaborate if you'd like:
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"I feel I can both support and be supported in a group environment." *
How did you hear about this gathering? *
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The Hostel in the Forest is a rustic venue and what some may consider a “camping” type of environment. Knowing you will be without climate control, and that this space contains uneven terrain, stairs, and the potential for unpredictable weather, do you feel you are physically capable of fully participating in this retreat? *
Why do you feel called to learn more about the Goddess in the Forest retreat? *
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What are you most hoping to get out of this retreat? *
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Is there anything else that you would like us to know about you?
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In order to facilitate the most connected experience, the Hostel in the Forest prohibits cell phone use in any common areas, illegal drug use, or intoxication of any kind. Do you feel you can be respectful of these conditions for the duration of the retreat? *
In this retreat, we may be teaching or using some of the following Tools & Practices as a group. Please check the boxes next to the Tools & Practices that you are familiar with using. (Please check all that apply): *
Do you have any questions you would like to ask?
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