Action Hero Campus Network To End Victim Blame :
Students Unite To Eradicate. Dialogue. Spotlight. Arrest Sexual and Gender Based Violence Through Collective Global

Action Hero Campus Network connects students worldwide towards tackling sexual and gender based violence.

Your inputs will inform and build an Action Hero Campus Network ; an association of campus allies across the globe, committed to building safe campuses.

The information you provide here will not be shared without your consent.
You can choose to stay anonymous if you prefer.

Please note that this may take some research. Please give yourself at least half an hour to fill the form.

Incase of any questions, thoughts or clarification, contact Blank Noise :

This form is towards creating a primary list of I Never Ask For It allies
Nominate an organisation( your own or another) we could contact to end victim blame by January 31st. 2017

contact: / +91.9886840612

In solidarity
Blank Noise

* Blank Noise is a community of 'Action Heroes' , individuals from across the globe united to eradicate sexual and gender based violence. Blank Noise was initiated in Bangalore, in 2003.

1. Do you and your peers identify the need to end rape culture and victim blame on campus?
Rape Culture: a complex set of beliefs that encourage male sexual aggression and supports violence against women. It is a society where violence is seen as sexy and sexuality as violent. In a rape culture, women perceive a continuum of threatened violence that ranges from sexual remarks to sexual touching to rape itself.; Victim Blaming: Victim blaming occurs when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them
2. If yes, could you draw attention to an incident or example that holds relevance to your campus context.
This information will not be shared without your consent. Please provide links or hashtags if applicable. Was the incident reported? What was the follow up?
Your answer
3. Who was the person doing the victim blaming?
Was it a professor, student body, specific club or group, Head of Department
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4. What is your name?
You can also choose not to disclose your name and fill in "Anonymous" instead.
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5. Which college are you from?
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6. Which University is your college part of?
(if applicable)
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7. What is your role on campus?
Nominate Students For The Action Hero Campus Network:
You can also identify and nominate yourself.
8 (i). Are there any student groups on your campus?
Women, masculinites, queer, trans, asexuality, action heroes, law, arts, debate, poetry, politics
8 (ii).Please mention the names of the groups
Up to 3 preferred.
Your answer
9 (i). Does your campus have a Student Union?
9 (ii). Please provide the name of the head of the student union
Your answer
9 (iii). Phone number for the head of student union
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9 (iv). Email address for the head of student union
Your answer
9 (v). Is there an advising faculty for the student union?
Full name and designation required
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9 (vi). Phone number for advising faculty
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9 (vii). Email address for advising faculty
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9 (viii). Nominate three student leaders on campus as active campus allies of Blank Noise to end victim blame.
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Faculty Information ( optional )
10 (i). Is there a Gender Studies/ Women Studies department at your college?
10 (ii). If yes, please provide the name of the head of the department
Your answer
10 (iii). Phone number for the head of the department
Your answer
10 (iv). Email address for the head of the department
Your answer
11 (i). Are there any courses focusing on Gender Issues being taught in your college?
11 (ii). If yes, please specify the name of the course and faculty teaching it.
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12. Does your college have an internship period? If so, please provide the dates.
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13. Please specify the dates of school fests and exams
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14. If applicable, is your college affiliated with any political party?
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15. Please nominate other colleges for the network
3 nominations preferred.
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16. Any additional Information, questions, comments
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