Towards Creating A Safe Campus - 'Action Shero Campus' Through Student Led Leadership. Registration Open Until February 28th 2019 *
Blank Noise is a community of Action Sheroes, Heroes and Theyroes, ie citizens and persons united to eradicate sexual and gender based violence. Our safe campus programme, 'Action Shero Campus' , is envisioned to build safe, inclusive campuses through student led leadership. We want this programme to be of the students, by the students and for the students. We want your voices to be heard before we are at the crisis making headlines.

This is a preliminary call to register. Nominate yourself for this programme, following which we will roll out a programme, design campus specific dialogues, projects, tool kits and interventions with you from mid / late 2018 - 2021.This programme is geared towards connecting students across India and beyond, and also towards building a network of Campus Action Sheroes, united to tackle rape culture and victim blame.

Register by February 28th, 2018 , for us to schedule you in our programming in the new year.

Step in to create an Action Shero Campus. Unite to create an Action Shero Campus Network.
contact: / +91.9886840612

Do set aside ten minutes to complete the form.
* always a good idea to work , keeping a word doc copy incase the data gets lost!

1. Have you ever been made to feel uncomfortable on campus, or know of someone else who was made to feel uncomfortable ? *
do consider a wide spectrum from the seemingly 'small' , 'harmless' , invisible, to the very visible ways in which you were made to feel uncomfortable on campus. this could include being bullied, experiencing gender based discrimination, sexual harassment, abuse.
2. If answered yes to the above, please describe the situation.
Be as descriptive as you want to be about the circumstances / incident / context. This information will not be shared without your consent. Please provide links or hashtags if applicable. Was the incident reported? What was the follow up?
Your answer
3. Are any of these familiar to you on campus?
4. If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above, is this something you want to change? *
5. (i) Did you report the incident or the situation to anyone?
5 (ii) If yes, who did you report to, and what happened after you reported? If you did not report, what stopped you from reporting?
Your answer
6. (i)Is there an Internal Complaints Committee on campus? ICCs
6 (ii) If there is an ICCs that you know, of, how did you find out about it?
Your answer
6 (iii) Do you know someone , or did you yourself who chose to report an incident of sexual harassment to the ICC or to someone in position of authority?
If yes, please describe what happened. If no, please describe why not.
Your answer
7. What change would you like to see? What does a safe campus look like for you. How would you like to build a safe campus? What kind of support do you foresee to build the campus you want?
There are no right / wrong answers here, please answer freely! think of this as a project proposal.
Your answer
8. Who do you prefer to reach out to when you want to address an incident of sexual harassment? And why?
Your answer
9. (i) What is your name? *
We will not publish your name anywhere without your consent.
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9. (ii) Do you wish to be publicly credited for the information you provide? *
Your name will be added to the list of Action Sheroes, Heroes, Theyroes enabling the Action Sheroes Campus Network and / or other material related to this programme if necessary.
10. Please share your e-mail ID. *
This information will never be shared without your consent.
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11. Please share your phone number.
This information will never be shared without your consent.
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12. Which college are you from? *
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13. Which University is your college part of?
(if applicable)
14. (i) What is your role on campus? *
15. Which year are you in?
16. (i) What are you studying ? What is your programme titled?
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16( ii) Are you part of any student board, or body?
16 (iii) If yes, to the above, describe the body and your role in it.
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17. Do you want to nominate members of your faculty or other students union to be a part of the movement? *
The vision for the Action Shero Campus Network requires working with multiple groups and campuses. Clicking 'yes' below will take you to a section to add further details of whom to contact on campus.
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